Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fruity Weekend

It is that time of year to start canning fruit. Andy and I went to my dad's house this morning to pick figs. I like figs, but Andy loves them. I think he ate more than he put in our bags. Andy saw a recipe from Giada on the Food Network for a fig tart. Since Tesha loves figs as much as Andy, we took a bag to her house so she could make his fig tart. I am curious to see how it turns out. We will not have enough figs this picking to make fig preserves, because Andy and Tesha are going to eat all of them. I will have to go back and pick more for the preserves. The trees are still full. Hopefully, the birds will not eat them.

We took Tesha's boys to pick apples at our farm a few weeks ago. I cooked the apples down and got 1 1/2 gallons of apple juice. Mom and I made 10 jars of apple jelly Tuesday night, but we still had apple juice left. Andy helped me this morning make 10 more jars. It is so good. I could eat a whole jar by myself. It was the first time Andy made jelly. He did a great job!

My dad has a grape vine and scuppernong vine. The scuppernongs will be ready to pick in a few weeks. Scuppernong jelly is one of my favorite jellies. I can't wait until they are ripe. The grapes are ripe enough to pick. I am not sure the type of grapes that are growing. Some of them are sweet and some are really sour. I am sure my father-in-law would know if he could see and taste them.

So for now, apple jelly is the only fruit that has been canned this year. It will not be long until all the pears are ready. Then it will be pear jelly and pear preserves.


Tracy and William Polk said...

I may have to buy a jar of two from you when pears are ready. This sounds great. I have never canned anything, but I have watched my grandmother do it.

Michelle said...

YUM!!!!!!!!!!! Bring some to me!!!!


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